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Sunday, March 27

it wasn't because of the sign, wilderness is still wet. started off with coffee with bdiddy this morn'. got me so wired i couldn't sit around and watch nascar so's i headed out from some milage on the road and bike trails. ended up in pioneers, tried to find some uncracked (did he say crack?) eggs hopefully with some cash for some bike stuff.... no luck. my luck was in the great weather. that's what i'm talkin bout!!  Posted by Hello
Blogger mw said...
figured it would be wet this morning. me and dave went out on gravel south of town. pretty good weather.

Blogger bdiddy said...
went for a hike with the magics today. went in at 14th and satillio and there were some xbike tracks but no ruts. my opinion would be to rock that shit monday night!

Blogger mw said...
thanks for the report. might have to get out there tonight. then its packing time!!!

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